Conversations with Weepy

I have been visiting my friend Weepy, a one hundred and fifty year old English weeping Beech tree in Yarmouth Port for at least once a week for the past two years. Over this Span of time she has told me stories from her point of view and I have added my perspective while listening and snapping compositions from every angle. Sometimes, I paint her literally, including her scars from unwelcome tattoos. When I see new carvings, I apologize for my species and hope it is not painful. She does not like it, but tells me she has the last laugh, when she has already outlived many of the culprits who have carried out this indecency.

Sometimes I paint from our conversations and people have their own perspective of its’ meaning. Sometimes she shows me private things, I paint them and hope she doesn’t mind. And sometimes, things are kept confidential, some conversations are private and between Weepy and me.